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At Mars Petcare we are united by a clear belief. Pets make our world better.

That’s why – we put pets at the center of everything we do. This pet-centricity means that with every decision, we ask ourselves, “does this help fulfill our Purpose:

Our Purpose is the foundation of how we do business. We recognize that to truly deliver on our Purpose we must also support those that care for pets and the world in which they live. The three pillars of our Purpose are closely interconnected, and no elements can exist in isolation. You’ll learn more on the “how” we do this and what being truly pet centric means to us in the next sections.

But before that, let’s introduce you to our four Divisions.

While you might work in one of our manufacturing sites creating pet food, your fellow Associates are just as likely to be in one of our veterinary hospitals, a scientific lab, or one of our offices across the globe.

It’s time to get to know each other a little better!

Here’s what Mars Petcare looks like today:

Pet Nutrition

  • 19,000+ Associates

  • 360M pets served

  • 24 countries

  • 78 manufacturing sites

  • 2 innovation centers

Royal Canin

  • 8,500 Associates

  • 27 million pets served

  • 120 countries

  • 16 manufacturing sites

  • 2 innovation centers

Mars Veterinary Health

  • 70,000+ Associates

  • 35 million pets served

  • 20 countries

  • 2,953 hospitals (2,218 across North America and 735 across the UK, Europe and Asia)

  • 4,500+ Associates enrolled in ongoing education and veterinary professional training programs and partnerships

  • 26 U.S. college and university affiliations where we sponsor 200+ veterinary residents

Science & Diagnostics

  • 3,800+ Associates

  • 40M million pets served

  • ~45 countries

  • 1 innovation center

  • 90+ point of care and reference labs

Spotlight stories

Pet Health now... and in the future!

At Waltham Petcare Science Institute, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of pets by better understanding their needs through science. We’re working to predict disease rather than simply diagnose it. And researching solutions that can improve the lives of pets all over the world.

Being part of such a large family-owned global business gives us the freedom to ask and answer research questions that nobody else can. The possibilities for research and development are endless. Our work includes:

Mars Petcare Biobank™ – the largest, most comprehensive real-world pet study to help scientists understand differences between healthy aging and disease to ultimately improve individualized care based on risk levels.

Renal Tech – our tool detects the #1 cause for feline death — chronic kidney disease — up to two years before typical diagnosis.

Pet obesity and lifespan – we found the lifespan of overweight dogs was cut by up to 2.5 years, so we’re partnering with health experts to help owners and veterinarians with this growing problem.

At Mars, family means something extra-special

After 100+ years, Mars is still a family-owned business and is just one of many things that makes our company unique. Maybe you just recently joined or you’re a long-time Martian, but did you know there are many Associates who are a second, third or even fourth generation Martian?

Blain Henigman is a third-generation Mars Associate: His grandfather, David Lee, retired after working with Mars for 22 years, and his aunt and uncle — Beth Stapleton and Stewart Landreth — still work at the Mattoon plant in Illinois.

“I think the value Mars puts on building relationships has really made this such a great place to work and benefitted my family,” Blain said. “I know that every member of my family that has worked for Mars has friends that they still talk to and see in their personal life. That means that the relationships built here are deeper than just work.”

“What I’m most proud of at Mars is definitely having the freedom to work on my pet projects,” he says “I’m constantly looking for ways to improve equipment reliability, increase run rates, reduce waste, and support the products of the future. My motto is ‘we’ll make it happen!’”

This Associate also fights fires!

Janika Hubner’s life outside Mars is just as exciting as her work at the office. Ever since her parents’ roof caught fire 20 years ago, she’s been volunteering at her local fire department in Verden, Germany.

Responding to an increasing number of pet rescues, Janika developed Mars Petcare-sponsored rescue kits for dogs, complete with breathing masks and oxygen, blankets and bowls and training for firefighters on saving time and lives in a pet rescue.

“The local pet parents are thankful the firefighters train with these resources and fire professionals feel so fortunate to have such high-level equipment making their jobs as safe and successful as possible.”

So far, her donations have been used in multiple training sessions and have helped save eight pets’ lives!

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